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“Life in all its fullness is

mother nature obeyed.”

Weston A. Price


Why We Do What We Do

Vibo Nutritionals is a brand you can trust and we take health very serious! Our mission is to empower and improve the quality of life through education and whole nutrients that promote immunity, energy, health, productivity, regeneration and overall wellness. The company was created by a Naturopath with your health and well-being in mind. Our products are on the cutting edge of nutritional technology using natural sources supplied by nature.

The real art of medicine is keeping a strong immune system. Our products are based on ingredients that build strong immunity and the core belief is health through prevention. To reach goals in any area of life we should be in good health; without it, we can become a burden on ourselves and others. “In youth, we use our health chasing wealth. In adult age, most of us spend our wealth chasing health.” Dr. David Jackson


Health is a dynamic, positive, reGENErative, and elevating attribute of a functioning system. A healthy condition in the human body is one wherein there is no excess mucus.


The information contained herein is for educational purposes only. It is not offered with the intention of diagnosing or prescribing, but is tendered only as information for use in sustaining and promoting health in cooperation with a physician. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
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Dr. David Jackson N.D., Ph.D

Research & Development Director

CEO at Vibo Nutritionals and has a 30 - year background in Natural Healing. Areas of work has been in natural medicines, oxygen therapies, health regeneration, immunity, juicing, nutrition, culinary seasonings, skin care, natural dietetics, weight management, physical fitness and a STRONG emphasis in research and development. His education was obtained from the International Society of Naturopathy in Los Altos, CA under the late Dr. Roy B. Oliver. Dr. David Jackson enjoys physical fitness, cycling and traveling.

Danny Gardner

Business Management Consultant


 As Vibo Nutritionals' Business Management Consultant, Danny uses his 25 years of experience in business management, food safety, and food production to ensure Vibo products are available worldwide. He also heads the Vibo Vendor Partnership Program. His passion is helping companies grow and develop into market leaders. Danny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Russ College in Mississippi. He enjoys running, traveling, missionary work, sporting events, and is a financial and investment mentor. 

Walter Carter

Marketing Director


Walter has spent the majority of his career in state government, gaining experience in areas such as accounting, marketing, finance, and real estate. He conducts and attends various business development workshops. He loves helping others. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Alabama State University.

In his free time, Walter enjoys traveling internationally, listening to music, and watching football.  

Vicki Smith

Director of Customer Relations


Vicki is an integral part of the management team with a diverse background in customer service, human resources, and training.  Over 30 years of experience in customer service and office management. Her dynamic people skills have been utilized in corporate, governmental, educational, and entrepreneurial settings.  A proven track record for optimizing customer service while improving the entire team's overall accountability.  A published author, mentor and networker. She enjoys bike rides, long walks, songwriting, and being active in ministry.

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