I believe the Bio-Synergy Complete and Chaga Energy are helping my immune      system perfect my body from Covid 19. I’m telling you…I think you got                      something good in those products. I’m serious. - Justin H. 7/20/20


My energy was restored and I have no more gout symptoms. I am feeling my        old self again. I am 69 years old and I feel 50 years young. - Brenda L.


I had difficulty breathing and I have to use a breathing machine several times a day to get more oxygen into my body. I also have problems with bowel eliminations and blood in my stools. The moment I started taking Bio-Synergy Complete I noticed within a few moments I had to eliminate and I thought this product could not work that fast. I later found out it did and I also noticed I did not have to get on my breathing machine anymore while I was taking it. I later decided to get off the Bio-Synergy Complete for three weeks to see if it was really improving my health. After the third week, I noticed my health problems started coming back. I realized that Bio-Synergy Complete was really making me feel complete and this product is the real thing. I will be ordering another bottle soon. - Jeanene W.


My husband love this product. Since surgery, he has had pain, constipation,          and other issues. Vibo Nutritionals has aided in his healing process. This                  product gave him energy to last throughout his therapy sessions. I                            recommend it to everyone. Please support! We are going to support this                    product for natural healing. - Sh'ma Xoxox



I have been a diabetic for 20 years. My diabetes is uncontrollable. My sugar          levels were anywhere from 250 - 500. I am currently taking two types of                    insulin. I was introduced to Bio-Synergy Complete 5 months ago. My life hasn't        been the same. My sugar levels have changed to 75 -175. Thanks to Bio-Synergy Complete. - Mel 11-7-2017


A year ago I had pneumonia. I ended up in the hospital. I had a corn on my          right baby toe. The doctor cut the corn off. I was currently going to the doctor            for neuropathy in both feet. The toe did not heal so I lost my baby toe to                  amputation. Three months ago I had a little stone in my shoe and it rubbed a            sore on that same Right Foot, the fourth toe. I was told to put Bio-Synergy                Complete on the toe. It was five days later and the sore was gone. I have                feeling in both feet now. I drink it, I put it on my face, and I put it on my body for        healing. I have a bottle at work and home. I don't think about the what if. I                thank God for the prayers and the Bio-Synergy Complete. - Mel 11-7-2017


When I first took the Bio-Synergy Complete, I was having an asthma attack          and my girlfriend had come to take me to the hospital. While I was wheezing,          my girlfriend said, “Angie, let me take you to the hospital.” I said let me try this          Bio-Synergy Complete before you take me and I drank it and I was surprised.          Right then, my girlfriend said, “you are talking normal.” I said, I am, the asthma        attack stopped less than 2 minutes and I said WOW! Immediately I felt well              enough to stand and cook breakfast. My lungs had cleared and I did not have          to go to the hospital that day. I was so shocked at the results. Before I got the          Bio-Synergy Complete I was dragging and could hardly breathe with so much          inflammation in my lungs, but as soon as I drank the Bio-Synergy Complete it          cleared up. I can breathe now! -  Angie F. Covington, GA



Bio-Synergy Complete has truly changed my life. Five months ago I was on          sinus medication daily and going to the doctor to receive allergy shots monthly.        I’m happy to say today I haven’t received an allergy shot or took sinus                      medication in four months. My energy level is so amazing!!! I feel like I can do          anything “my co-workers call me speed racer… LOL” My skin is so much                  softer; I can’t believe how great my facial skin looks. I was in a car accident 34        years ago and I injured my hip severely. I endured so much pain every time I        worked out and when the weather or seasons would change. I injured my hip to        the point where I never thought I would live without pain, but the Bio-Synergy            Complete has given me so much hope. I have not experienced any pain since          taking this product. I can’t believe I’m free of pain after dealing with pain for so        many years! I’m so grateful for such an amazing product that has been                    introduced to the market! GOD has truly blessed me to be pain free! I hate to          go on and on, but I can’t say enough about a product that covers so many                issues. Bio-Synergy Complete has truly changed my life. This product amazes        me day after day. I have never taken a product that has you feeling like you are        on top of the world! I haven’t felt this good in about 10 years.  All I can say is            wow! I would never go one day without this product. - Gwendolyn S.


I was diagnosed with bone cancer and took the Bio-Synergy Complete for 2          months and on day 26 my symptoms were gone. My hair came back from                Chemo treatments, energy improved, appetite improved and my bowels                  became regular. I am feeling well and the nurse told me I had the most healthy        immune system and cells she has ever seen in her life. - Donald T.


I have been on Bio-Synergy Complete for 3 months. My energy is through the    roof, immune system is strong, regular bowel movements, good sleep,                    hormones are balanced and black skin blotches from hyper-pigmentation is 90        percent decreased. I had to wear heavy make-up to cover it and my blood                pressure is normal. However, I haven’t done any drastic changes. I have lost            25 pounds so far and I believe it has changed my craving for healthier foods. I        am excited about the detoxing that takes place and energy to do things I could        not do before. I am happy thus far. (Update) I ran out of my Bio-Synergy                  Complete and I started using Black Seed Oil that I previously had in my                    cabinet, thinking it might sustain me, like it once did before. Low and behold, it        made me nauseous, frequent diarrhea and lethargic. My body rejected it, so I        discontinued use. I’m returning back to what works for me, Bio-Synergy                    Complete. A valuable lesson learned. - Trina T.



I experienced a detox within 15 minutes and a healing crisis began quickly          from overload of toxins in my body. My energy was restored and my craving for        healthy foods returned and I have also experienced regular bowel movements.        I also suffered with severe fungal irritation of the skin that formed ugly                      rashes on private areas that I was disgusted with for 11 years. My doctor had          me taking 850 mg of antibiotics for a year and they did not help the itching of            the fungus.  After a week and a half on the Bio-Synergy Complete the rash              began to itch more; then a couple of days later it disappeared.  My toes are              starting to look better and another healthy nail is growing underneath the                  fungal nail. My physique is more toned than ever before because of toxin                  elimination. My body has formed to where it needs it to be and I am loving the          results. Thanks Dr. Dave - PS Looking forward to what it does next…  - Walter T.


I am a 39 year old female with Type II diabetes and Polycystic Ovary                  Syndrome (PCOS). I initially started taking Bio-Synergy Complete for the                  energy. But there are many other amazing uses and benefits I found. For                  example, I used 5-hour energy before but didn't like the after effects of the                product. I used to feel as though the earth was moving because of the jitters. I        had hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks I would wash my face in the morning            and apply a small amount of Bio-Synergy Complete on a cotton ball to the                affected area. The area started clearing up. I used to have heavy menstrual            bleeding and was told my iron was low. That changed as well. My cycle                    became regular So much so that I'm now expecting. The Bio-Synergy                  Complete replaces my need to take multivitamins, diuretics, and Metformin. It          became easier to watch what I ate because I wasn't craving sweets. It helps            with digestion so I don't need my laxatives and stool softeners. This product            not only helps cleanse your body but it helps heal. - Tasha W. 26 Nov, 2018


I got my Bio-Synergy Complete on February 28, 2018. When I took it, I felt the        medicine instantly moving inside my body. My wife tore her ligament 2 years            ago and she was in pain. The Bio-Synergy Complete took the pain away in 30          minutes. I had surgery on both toes from diabetes and I took a one ounce serving of Bio-Synergy Complete before I went to bed. Old stagnant blood that was in my    right toe came out. - Yusuf & Judy B.



I experienced excruciating pain all night. I took the Bio-Synergy Complete and the pain was eliminated in 30 minutes. I have suffered with digestive issues for years, severe constipation due to my current diagnosis. I’ve been on the product 2 weeks and I started expelling a lot of gas and now have good bowel movements without taking medication and side effects associated with it. I’m very pleased with the tonic. - Deetra R.


I have found my "Fountain of Youth" with Bio-Synergy Complete.  Over the              past two years I have experienced a major health crisis, gout, and the aches            and pains associated with becoming a Senior Citizen. The afore stated                conditions literally limited me to a sedentary lifestyle.  I seldom left my                      residence and my daily activities consisted of lying around watching television        or taking naps. Two months ago, I began taking Bio-Synergy Complete, I                  immediately began to experience a boost of energy that I thought was lost to            my youth. Imagine a sixty-five year old male beginning the autumn of his life            having the energy of a man twenty years his junior. My weekly activities now            consist of participating in several art classes and recently began taking                    Ballroom, Chicago Stepping, and Line Dancing classes.  I recently had a six        month check-up and received a clean bill of health. I also have applied this              product externally to my skin to address bumps and bruises with fantastic                results. I always have a back-up bottle of this product. - Bill H.


tried Bio-Synergy Complete for the first time in June 2017 and was amazed at the  results. Suffering with allergies, I've had severe headaches combined with head        congestion. I would find myself on the couch super dizzy and decided to take            Bio-Synergy Complete and my headache went away after minutes of realizing I        needed to finish cooking, I then realized that it was gone. I've always wanted to        have a supplement that would help with ailments and prevent cancer. So as a preventative measure I decided to take my health seriously and begin to eat healthy and make sure I'm hydrated to perform at optimum levels with Bio-Synergy Complete. I'm excited to have Bio-Synergy Complete because it covers the 12 body systems. Head to toe!! Thanks for this product. - Carmecia K.



I’ve taken Bio-Synergy Complete and I would work out in my backyard and                come in sweaty and noticed that I hadn’t taken off my wet clothes due house            chores. However, I began to keep this bad habit and developed skin                          discoloration and severe itchy skin under my breasts. Therefore, I tried the Bio-        Synergy Complete externally. After two days of applying it underneath my                  breast, the itching went away completely and my color came back from being            red and dark brown to my regular skin tone. I’m Amazed at this as a beauty and        anti-inflammatory product as well as being great for my health. Thanks again            Bio-Synergy Complete!!!!! - Carmecia K.



I got in late one night from ministry and I was in extreme pain on the left side of        my neck, behind my earlobe. It was a reactive lymph node nodule and I could          not sleep because the pain was feverish, hot and inflamed. I got up and God            spoke and told me to use the Bio-Synergy Complete externally. I took a tad bit          and dabbed it on my finger and then applied it to the lymph node. The pain                stopped immediately and the nodule went away in less than 24 hours! I cut my          finger earlier that day while cooking with a new set of steak knives I purchased.        While I was applying the Bio-Synergy Complete to the nodule, I was using the          finger that was cut earlier and the pain went away immediately. The swelling            and redness went away also. “This is something like gold, it’s a miracle and              magic for me.” It helped with my leaky gut syndrome and I do not have pimples        in my face. I truly encourage anybody with autoimmune diseases such as                  fibromyalgia, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid cancer, flare-ups and

skin breakouts to try the Bio-Synergy Complete, you can’t go wrong, it’s worth it!                                                                                            Pastor Trinita S.                                                                                           


I was in the kitchen last night and I wanted to steam some brown rice in my              little dutch oven with a handle but no top. I used my crepe skillet as a lid over            my dutch oven to steam my rice. It was almost done when I raised the crepe lid        and at that point it was full of scalding water that splashed on my right breast,          abdomen and my thigh. It was third degree burns on my skin and I immediately        went for the Bio-Synergy Complete and I repeatedly doused myself 3 to 4                times. I saturated my skin and started rubbing it in. Afterwards, I let it sit and            used cold compresses and followed up with pure shea butter. In less than 24            hours, you could see the Bio-Synergy Complete has brought healing in those            areas. It would have been fluid filled blisters but now it’s just discolored spots            where the blisters would have been. Now I am going to use Bio-Synergy                  Complete for healing underneath the skin surface. - 10-31-2017 Pastor Trinita S.


Since using Bio-Synergy Complete, I've been pain free all day! Glory to GOD! I        can lie down on any side of my body I choose to! Thank you LORD!!!!!! Thank          you Dr. DLJ! - Geneva S. 1-16-2018


Good Day Sir! I have to admit when I first learned you had formulated Bio-                Synergy Complete I was excited because I could now go from taking 15                different pills a day to a single shot a day. I was on my second bottle (2nd                  month) when I was hit with the "flu". Needless to say I was confused and a little        disappointed because I don't get sick. Between my personal beliefs and                    reinforcement via Bio-Synergy Complete, I should NOT have the flu! I was                about to write it all off as crap (my efforts to believe in my well-being, any and            all supplements that helped to support my beliefs) until I read about                          "Herxheimer Reaction!" OMG! I was so relieved and excited to learn I wasn't            sick; in actuality my body was indeed detoxifying. I'm BACK! THANK YOU for          being so dedicated to that which benefits us all LIVING WELL. YOU'RE                    AWESOME! I can't wait to experience the benefits of the CHAGA ENERGY

                                                           3 Apr, 2018   Thank you! - Aanisah W.



Hi Dr. David, Within a month, I lost weight in my face and my stomach area        while taking Bio-Synergy Complete and Chaga Energy together. I can also see        the difference in my body, face and skin tone. Justin H. - Kermit, TX  6/11/2018



I had a bubble pain on my gum and began to use Bio-Synergy Complete. The          next day it was gone. The results were astounding! Each time I use this                    product, I have had great results. I would recommend this product for any gum          issues, etc. - Lauri K. 11/16/2018


I now have the order in my hands and opened.  As usual, it is perfect -- one bottle of Bio-Synergy Complete and one bottle Chaga Energy. Everything is 100%! I appreciate you, David, and your friend who expedited the shipment for us. My next order will be in February and will be two more bottles of Bio-Synergy to balance the Chaga Energy. We are well-pleased with both your products and your customer service; but even more so with the life-altering results. Your research and scholarship are impeccable -- the proof is in the pudding.  Again, we receive the results with great FULL (grateful) hearts, as the "other" remedies had my brother a zombie.
                         Supreme Peace Harmony and Balance - Fani C. 1/17/2020



Friday June 14th 2019 at 3:30 p.m. I was injected with novocaine at the                    dentist’s office and was not swollen then. After leaving the dentist office                    receiving implants, the upper pallet of my mouth was very sore and irritated. I            went home, took a nap and woke up at 10:30 that evening and noticed my eyes        were halfway shut, my lips were swollen all the way to the nose area, I could            not breathe. I also had pain on the upper part of my mouth and I took an extra          strength Motrin and the pain came back and then I started using salt and water        rinses, applied an ice pack, it did not seem to work. The next morning I talked          to Dr. David and he said use Pain-EX and apply it to the areas that were                    swollen and painful. I swished the Pain-EX inside my mouth and the pain                  (soreness) went away almost immediately. This product is unbelievable! I then          applied it Saturday three times, internally and externally. I noticed the swelling          went down some the first day but not completely. I repeated the same                        procedure Sunday, then my lip was a little swollen Sunday evening and after            taking the last dosage at 8:30 p.m. before going to bed, I woke up Monday                morning with everything back to normal. No swelling around my face, my lip,            nowhere to be found. I believe in the product but I was skeptical that it would            work that fast. I am so happy with this product and truly amazed for what it has        done for me. Because I had a meeting to be at 9:30 a.m. Monday morning and        I did not think I was going to make it but I did. I am forever greatful and                    committed with taking Pain-EX. - Gwen S. 6/14/2019











Hi cousin, I’m back to normal just because of you!! Thanks to your product!              Keep up the great work! Your reward is standing in the courts about to greet              you head on! Love you for life! - Gwen S. 6/21/2019


Let me start off by saying I am eternally grateful to Dr. Dave for his life-long dedication of providing ALL NATURAL products that actually work & work quickly; products that do what he says they will do!  It's been life changing for me as I have several minor skin irritants that the PAIN GONE CLAY cleared up in a matter of hours. Ex. fever blister, mosquito bite & a pimple or two.  My major ailment though is RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) 85% of my inflammation was eliminated by not eating meat, the remaining 15% was cured by taking the Chaga Energy & Bio-Synergy Complete.  Unfortunately, when I over exert my joints or get a hold of food that has meat in it, my body will still inflame. To reduce & remove the swelling & inflammation Dr. Dave introduced me to his PAIN GONE CLAY.  After almost 3-mos of not being able to use my left hand, I applied the clay and literally within 15-mins I could bend my left wrist!  Hallelujah!!! I used the clay every day, twice a day for the next week & a half, by the end of that period I was painting walls, carrying bins & back to doing my events!  A-Freaking-Mazing!!! Dr. Dave, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  With you around I can still live my life to the fullest! - Tu'Wana F. Atlanta, GA


Update to my earlier testimony: On Saturday Oct 5th, I decorated for and                  attended a Women's Retreat. During this overnight event two ladies experienced      tremendous pain, one from severe carpel tunnel & the other from arthritis &              fascia in her feet. I was able to rub the Pain Gone Clay on both of these                  ladies, and they received immediate relief in 10-15 mins...look at God!                      Unfortunately for me during this same event (from all my exertion) my RA flared        up in both my knees! I applied the Pain Gone Clay & got some relief, I                      could tell it would take a few days to get it all out of my system. I called Dr.                Dave to get another jar of the Pain Gone Clay, as I'd used a fair amount on            those ladies in need. I immediately went to get this new version, so I could get      "Clayed Up" immediately.  Low and behold after applying literally 3 mins., 

I could bend my knees ( I'd been doing my best impression of Frankenstein all          day)! ..(Doing my praise dance!)... YASSS! Dr. Dave you are the bomb dot com!! 

Oh & cherry on top, no lie!  The Pain Gone Clay tightens your skin!!  I put it on          my face! Instant results around my mouth & cheeks!! 😁😁😁#winning

                        Tu'Wana F. 10/5/2019  Atlanta, GA [47 yrs old, looks 32😉]


I sprained my right ankle by jumping a fence 3 years ago and I used many types of liniments, Tylenol and other pain relievers. The pain relief was 3 to 4 hours and I had to take them again. I tried a product named Pain-EX before I went to work and it took the pain and swelling out of my ankle. The pain went away almost instantly and the swelling went down in an hour. When I took Pain-EX at 10:00 P.M., I did not have any pain during my 9-hour work shift. When I got off work at 7:00 A.M. and I still do not have any pain until 10:00 P.M. the next night until I have to go to work again. I experienced over 24 hours of pain relief using Pain-EX!         

                                                                                            Judy B. 6/20/2019



Five days ago I had pain in my gums, so I applied the Pain-EX and within 5              minutes the pain went away.  It is now 5 days later and I have not applied                  anymore of the Pain-Ex on that area.  Thanks to Pain-EX I am pain free!!!                Thank you Dr. Dave for such an amazing product. - Glenda B.- 6/17/2019


NECK & ARM RASH:  I applied Pain-EX to rash around my neck and right arm        to relieve the itching and pain.  It relieved the pain "immediately" but I had to            apply it once more (6-8 hours later) for the itching only.  Thanks for the relief              Pain-EX! - Glenda B., Ellenwood, GA - 6/20/2019


FUNGUS TOE:  I applied Pain-EX (4small drops) to relieve the pain.  It has              been several days since, and no pain.  Thanks Pain-EX!

                                                          Glenda B., Ellenwood, GA - 6/23/2019


My Mother was awakened this morning with a toothache on her lower bottom            teeth (Incisors: central & lateral).  I immediately applied the Pain-EX and to my          amazement.....it was only SECONDS that she said the pain was gone!  I was            about to apply a few more drops when I saw a look of relief on her face. I                  applied 4 drops and got immediate relief! Thanks Pain-EX.

                                               Corine H.- Santa Rosa Beach, FL 6/22/2019



I had a crook in my neck so I applied & massaged the Pain-EX to my neck and        it stopped the pain. - CD-Lynn Haven, FL 6/27/19


BEE STING:  I was stung by a bee in the back of my head which caused pain          and swelling.  I grab the Pain-EX and rubbed it on the back of my head.  It                relieved the pain and the swelling was gone by the next morning when I woke          up. A.D.- Lynn Haven, FL 6/28/2019


BACK PAIN:  After cutting the grass and clipping the edges, I normally have              back pain. But this time I used Pain-EX on my lower back area and it worked.          The pain was gone shortly after using it. I know for myself this product works!                                                                    A.D.- Lynn Haven, FL 6/26/2019


SHOULDER & BACK: I had pain & discomfort in the back of my neck and top of my  shoulder and back. I had my nieces to apply Pain-EX to those areas and I                received immediate relief.  I told them that I felt like dancing!  I felt the relief and        I could turn my neck. - H.D.- Orlando, FL 6/29/2019


ANT BITES:  I originally purchased Pain-EX for my Grandma pain and it                    worked. So when my 2-1/2 year old niece, Scarlett was bitten from ankle to              knee on both legs with ant bites, and with no relief in sight, I remembered the            Pain-EX!  At first, my niece’s Mother gave her Benadryl liquid orally, plus she            applied Benadryl topical cream for 1-1/2 days, but no relief for swelling and              itching. By this time, I recalled the Pain-EX brochure said, it’s good for insect            bites too. So, I tried it!  The itching stopped almost immediately (within                      minutes).  “I’m talking about these bites went down overnight!” From the time I          put it on at 8 pm and then woke up by 8 am, the swelling from the bites had              already gone down. Some of the bites didn’t blister up”. My niece began to                calm down once we applied the Pain-EX.

                                                      Joplin J., Miramar Beach, FL - June 2019



LEG PAIN: I woke up with a Charlie Horse (spasms) on the front of my left leg          that was causing discomfort. I applied some Pain-EX and rubbed it on my                muscles really good and a few minutes later I did not feel anymore spasms. We        are all prone to pain and I had to use my own product and I was amazed how          fast it worked!  - Dr. David J. 7-22-2019


Hello my name is Lisa, and my daughter (18) used the Pain-EX on a VERY              SORE pimple about to form and in 1 day the soreness was gone and the                  pimple just went away the next day without leaving a scar. My daughter                    fortunately does not have an acne problem, but from time to time she does get          one or 2 depending and when she does they are bad and leaves her skin with          an ugly dark scar. Pain-EX worked wonders on her and left no scar, she will              continue to use it.- Lisa V. Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 11:00 AM



This product really worked for me! After my surgery, I was very sore in my                midsection area and in quite a bit of pain. I don’t like the idea of narcotic drugs          so I was going to try to deal with the pain. I was so thrilled to try the Pain-EX on        my sore spots and to have it actually work! I rubbed the Pain-EX in until it was          fully absorbed and found relief within 10 to 15 minutes. I will be purchasing                more! Thank you for making a natural pain relief product that lives up to its                name. - Lois R.  Canton, GA  8/30/2019


I had several gnat bites this morning. They swelled up right away. I put Pain-            EX on them and instantly the itching stopped and the swelling went down.                                           Patti S. GO! Magazine Panama City Beach, FL 10/26/2019


Whenever I have pain anywhere on my body, especially Gout, I use the Pain-EX. In about 1 minute or less rubbing in a circular motion, the pain is gone! I also use it on my knees when its swelling from inflammation.

                                                      C. LaCasa - Manila, Philippines (June 2019)



I was experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back, so I had a friend to                massage Pain-EX on my back. In less than an hour After using the Pain-EX, I          was out the door for a night out on the town. “It’s good, my night was filled

with dancing, dancing, dancing!” - L. Aplin - Cebu, Phillipines (July 2019)


Good morning Danny, I have to tell you:  I got a small burn on my finger                    yesterday and put the Dr. Lee's First Aid & Burn Relief Blend on it. It not only cooled it but flattened the blister. The blister was all but gone the next morning and you can hardly tell I burned myself. This stuff works. I have to send some to my sister          in Florida. - Gywnette H., Norcross, GA 11/01/2019


“I’m a senior citizen with severe pain in the left knee. Walking and climbing steps is painful. This limit my ability to perform daily activities, including exercising. I purchased Dr. Lee’s First Aid Burn & Pain Relief Blend and immediately my pain was gone when I put the clay on it. I am able to move about with ease. I love Dr. Lee's First Aid Burn & Pain Blend. It works! I do recommend it for pain relief.” - Justine Smith., DE


#1 “Dr. Lee’s First Aid Burn & Pain Relief Blend has been very effective in reducing pain and discomfort for me in a very short period of time (minutes to hours).

#2 After using Dr. Lee’s TARGET toothpaste twice on my elderly Mom, I noticed the reduction in her mouth odor. I no longer have to use mouthwash. No more worries about her occasionally swallowing mouthwash.” – Vicki S., FL


I received my Dr. Lee’s First Aid Burn & Pain Relief Blend in the mail January 3, 2021! I rushed to the house to apply it immediately. I hadn’t been able to use my thumbs for more than 5 months. The pain had been unbearable. I put the clay on my left thumb joint and around the base. My thumb began to function like it was never hurting me! Today, January 8th, 2021 same results! I’m amazed how quickly this stuff solved my issue. So of course I’m using this product on other areas and experiencing reduction in pain as well. January 23, 2021. I regained the use of my right thumb today. Thank you! Mabes M. – Griffin, GA


I'm grateful for Dr. Lee's First Aid Defense. On yesterday, 4/23/21, I reached in purse to retrieve an item and felt a sharp prick. Upon quickly removing hand from purse, I ripped 3 fingers (middle, ring and pinky) on the sharp edge of a nail clipper. Middle and ring finger were bleeding profusely. I washed hand and applied Dr. Lee's First Aid Defense clay to cuts. I felt immediate relief and slept with clay application on fingers. Upon awakening this morning, pain is greatly reduced and there's no redness, infection or swelling. Thank you, Dr. Dave for another miraculous product! Lesia G. 


Daily taking Bio-Synergy Complete and Chaga Energy greatly attributed to my overcoming a recent bout with Pneumonia. I took an additional dose of Bio-Synergy each day to support my immune system and have the energy, strength and stamina to go about my day and return to work with a clean bill of health! Dr. Lee's First Aid Defense clay is an excellent toothpaste substitute. It thoroughly cleans teeth, gums and tongue leaving the breath extremely fresh and germ-free. It's anti-bacterial properties help the mouth be maintained as a healthy environment. This clay also alleviated pain in my knees. I highly recommend these products; you can't go wrong with their use! Thank you again, Dr. Dave! Lesia G. 4/24/21

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